Why weight?

Why is it that such a vast majority of us have one fitness goal above all else? At some point in the last 6 months I bet nearly everyone knows someone, or has themselves said 'i want to lose weight.'

As a population are we really so much bigger, that the healthy option is to dramatically cut down on our body weight? Or are we caught up in a culture that prizes weight and its loss as the statement of true healthy living achievement.

A question I would ask of anyone who has said they want to lose weight is, 'To what purpose?'

Lets say for example that your goal is motivated by a desire to feel more confident in your clothes. This frequently gets confused as fitting into an item of clothing. If you diet only and shed weight, you may fit into that dress or pair of trousers, but it doesn't mean you will feel any more body confident. A loss of weight doesn't add shapely legs, or flatten a tummy on it's own.

So a goal of just losing weight can leave you feeling like it wasn't worth the effort, and this can cause people to abandon an attempt at a healthy life style.

Lets imagine that instead of following the latest fad diet and watching the scales, we all underwent an improvement in eating habits, exercise, and mental well-being. Who would feel better?

The person who starved themselves into a smaller set of clothing. Or the confident individual who toned and exercised their body and mind to feel and look great?

Muscle weighs more than fat. So if you were to obey the rule of the scales only, you may see a very minimal change in weight and believe there was no progress. Yet a look In the mirror could reveal a new toned look.

A slim look only works when that person has muscle underneath the skin to give that curved toned figure. That's not to say there is no place for losing some weight or even gaining a bit. But the focus should be on how you physically and mentally feel, how much further you can go without getting out of breath, or how much more resilient you are; instead of how much weight has been lost.

Each of us has a different body, genetics, lifestyle and abilities. For us all to focus on one method of measuring health is as mad as us all buying the same Size clothes and making damn sure we fit!

Weight is only important when combined with other unhealthy lifestyle factors and even then, its loss should be a by product of an improved life style. So don't waste your time obsessing over a number on a scale. There are other ways to measure improvement, including: body fat measurements (not BMI), charting progress in exercise, setting a personal goal, be it physical or mental, or photographing your journey.

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Stay healthy.

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