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Updated: May 24

Hello to all of you! It has been an exciting, and rather busy, couple of weeks since we started running our online classes at and we have now had a chance to test the site and get some very valuable feedback from you all.

Following which, we have decided to make the following changes:


To avoid any technical problem with live streaming, we'll now pre-record all our classes and simply upload them onto both on our Pay As You Go page for those of you who wish to watch pay as you go and to the Members page, for those of you with a pass.

The pre-recorded video will be published on the day the class is scheduled by 5pm at the latest.


We are adding a new class to our weekly timetable: Core Conditioning. A new class video will be released every Thursday, starting from 7 May 2020.

The class will target core muscles to strengthen, shape and tone your abdominal area. As well as improving posture and increasing spinal flexibility. We will begin with some dynamic stretches, then more onto progressively more challenging core exercises, ending with core, back and spinal stretches to assist muscles recovery.

Members will be able to watch this class with their Monthly or Yearly pass at no additional cost. Whilst Pay as You Go customer can rent each Core Conditioning class video for just £2.50 each, same as all our other classes.

Please keep sharing your thoughts and feedback to help us improve our services and do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

We'd love to hear from you and find out what else we can do to improve your experience.

Have a lovely weekend and see you online soon :)

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