Healthy lunch idea: Falafel Sandwich

Looking for a fresh, healthy and easy to make lunch? Try our falafel sandwich! Fresh, tasty and less than 500 calories!


- 2 slices of wholemeal bread

- half tomato (sliced or diced)

- 30g of lettuce

- handful of spinach

- cucumber (sliced or diced)

- 4 falafels

- Optional: half an avocado or low fat hummous to spread on the bread


1. Gather all the ingredients

2. Prepare your falafel. We were a bit short on time and so we used the ready to eat Falafel from Cauldron, which only take 12 minutes to cook. Full instructions in the packet. If you have time and are trying to be even healthier, you could consider making them from scratch (we have tried before and they were delicious but time is not our friend and so we will stick to ready made for the time being).

3. Wash and slice or dice the tomatoes, spinach leafs and lettuce. You can also add cucumber (we had run out earlier when making ours, hence why it's not showing in the pictures).

4. Once the falafel are nearly cook, toast your bread

5. Put it all together: if you are adding the hummus or avocado slices as a spread, start by spreading it on your toast, then add the lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and finally your falafels.

6. Serve and enjoy, or pack it up as a work lunch or even better a picnic on a monday bank holiday!


We have used the Fitness Pal app to monitor our calories intake and the nutrients in our meal. Have a look below and always try to choose food or meals that contains more protein than fat ;)

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