What is Think with Terra Ideathon about?

The Think with Terra Ideathon is a competition hosted by Terra (partnered with Lumos Labs) to build, grow, and nurture a developer community for the Terra Platform in India. The competition will be a clarion call to innovators in India who can share their genius on how to conceptualise change in industries that are riddled with large problem statements.

What is the selection criteria for Think with Terra Ideathon?

We're looking for great concepts solving problems in the 4 given tracks that can be built on Terra during the acceleration phase.

Can students/college droupouts/inexperienced programmers participate?

Absolutely! All enthusiastic coders irrespective of their experience can participate.

Can an individual apply for the Think with Terra Ideathon?

Yes, an individual or a group of individuals or a startup with founders/team can apply for the Ideathon.

Can we apply for multiple products/projects?

Yes, the same team can apply for multiple products/projects as long as they fulfill the mandatory criterias, the submission stays valid. Please create a new submission to apply again.

Who owns the IP to my project?

The IP remains solely with the maker.

When will the prizes be allotted?

All prize distributions will take place towards the end of the program.

How can i reach out to the organizers?

You can contact the organisers at corporate@lumoslabs.co

Will Terra fund my project after selection?

Yes, Terra is open to giving grants to select projects on a case by case basis to help build the product.

Interested in what is involved in our other classes?

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