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Frequently Asked Questions

​Can I cancel my Membership at any time?

Yes. You can easily cancel your membership online from your account page. When you cancel your account, you will still have full access to the site until the end of your pre-paid period (Monthly or Annual). There are no cancellation fees, but there are no refunds too.

Do I need to be online to watch the videos?

Yes. Our videos are not available for download at this time, and so an internet connection is essential.

I have just signed up for membership, what do I do now?

First of all, thank you and welcome. Now all you need to do is head to our MEMBERS page, choose one of our class video and start exercising.

What will I need to take part to a class?

Water and an exercise mat or a towel to place on the floor for all classes. For Fitness Circuit, Legs, bum and tum, and Core Conditioning classes, you can exercise barefoot or wear trainers, depending on your personal preferences. You'll need to be barefoot for Yoga and Pilates classes, or can wear some specific yoga/pilates socks if you prefer. No other equipment needed, but you can add weights, or other yoga/pilates accessories if you wish to. Additional advice will be given at the beginning of each classes.

Are classes suitable for everyone?

​Our classes are suitable and cater for anyone aged 16 or over and in good health. Please contact us before booking if you: ​- you suffer from any health problem - you have recently had a baby - you are recovering from a recent injury - you are a complete beginner or are only just getting back to exercising so that we can provide you with specifically tailored adaptations/modification and advise which classes are more suitable.

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